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Prison Thriller Dance

“Prison thriller dance” is a dance performance or event that is inspired by Michael Jackson’s iconic music video for the song “Thriller.”

This dance, often performed in a prison setting or involving inmates, is a creative and entertaining way for people to come together, enjoy music, and participate in a fun and memorable activity.

Here’s what you should know about the concept of a “prison thriller dance”:

Inspired by “Thriller”: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, released in 1983, is one of the most famous and influential music videos of all time. It features a memorable dance sequence with Jackson and a group of zombies. The dance became a cultural phenomenon and is often imitated or parodied.

The most famous and iconic version is the music video for the song “Thriller,” directed by John Landis, and released in 1983.

TitleRelease Date
“Thriller” (Original Video)December 2, 1983
“The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” (Documentary)December 14, 1983
“Michael Jackson’s Thriller” (3D Version)2009
“Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25” (Short Film)2008
“Michael Jackson’s Thriller (IMAX 3D Version)”September 13, 2018

Incarcerated Performances: In some cases, prison inmates or correctional facilities organize dance performances or events inspired by the “Thriller” dance. These performances can serve various purposes, such as entertainment, team-building, or rehabilitation.

Prison dance performances and their approximate time frames:

TitlePrison/LocationRelease Date
Cebu Inmates’ Thriller DanceCebu Provincial Detention Center, Philippines2007
“HMP Inmates Perform ‘Jailhouse Rock'”Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP), United KingdomDocumentary Release Date
“Prison Lip Sync Challenges”Various Prisons, WorldwideOngoing/Varied
Inmate Talent Shows and PerformancesVarious Prisons, WorldwideVaried

Community Engagement: Prison thriller dances can also involve the participation of the local community, volunteers, or dance instructors who collaborate with inmates to teach them the dance routine. These events can help build positive connections between inmates and the community.

Positive Impact: Engaging in dance and creative activities can have a positive impact on inmates by providing an outlet for self-expression, reducing stress, and promoting teamwork. It can also be a form of rehabilitation and social reintegration.

Entertainment and Fundraising: In some cases, prison thriller dance performances are organized as entertainment for the public, and they may serve as fundraising events for charitable causes or prison programs.

YouTube and Viral Videos: Some prison thriller dance performances have been recorded and shared on platforms like YouTube, gaining attention and becoming viral sensations. These videos often showcase the enthusiasm and talent of the participating inmates.

Variations and Adaptations: While the “Thriller” dance is iconic, there are various dance adaptations and routines inspired by the original choreography. These adaptations may incorporate different dance styles or creative interpretations.