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The Choking Doberman

A woman returns home from an evening out and finds her pet Doberman dog in distress, seemingly choking. Panicking, she immediately rushes the dog to the vet for emergency treatment.

Choking Doberman

Upon arrival, the veterinarian takes the dog to the examination room while the woman waits anxiously. After what seems like an eternity, the vet calls the police and instructs the woman to leave the clinic and go home, ensuring not to enter her house until the police arrive.

Confused and terrified, the woman follows the vet’s instructions. When the police arrive at her home, they discover an intruder inside, unconscious or even dead.

Near the intruder’s body is a bag filled with burglary tools and, in some versions, a knife or other weapon.

It turns out, the Doberman wasn’t choking on a piece of food; it was choking on one of the intruder’s fingers, which it had bitten off during an attempt to defend its home and owner.


  1. Different Pets: While the Doberman is the most common breed mentioned, variations of the story sometimes feature other dogs or even cats.
  2. Intruder’s Fate: In some versions, the intruder is merely unconscious, while in others, he’s dead as a result of the dog’s defensive actions.
  3. Additional Details: Some versions add further layers of horror, suggesting the intruder had been living secretly in the woman’s home for days or that he had sinister intentions beyond burglary.


The exact origins of the Choking Doberman legend are difficult to pinpoint, but it seems to have gained widespread popularity in the 1970s and 1980s.

The story taps into several fears, including the fear of home invasion and the protective nature of pets.


The legend of the Choking Doberman was especially popular during the era of chain emails and has been recounted in various formats, from print to digital, over the decades.

Literary and Cultural Impact:

This urban legend has influenced a range of media, from horror anthologies to television shows. Its success lies in its blend of the unexpected twist and the affirmation of the loyal and protective nature of pets.

The Choking Doberman is a prime example of urban legends that play on both the protective instincts of beloved pets and the inherent fears associated with home intruders.