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The Clown Statue

A babysitter is hired to look after some children for the night while their parents go out. The parents inform the babysitter that once the children are in bed, she should go to a specific room to watch TV, ensuring she doesn’t disturb the children or the parents’ art collection in another part of the house.

clown Statue

As the night progresses, the babysitter becomes increasingly uneasy about a life-sized clown statue situated in a corner of the room she’s in.

Its appearance unsettles her—particularly its lifelike eyes that seem to watch her. Trying to ignore her discomfort, she continues watching TV, but can’t shake off the feeling of being observed.

Deciding she can’t stand it anymore, she calls the parents to ask if she can move to another room because the clown statue is making her nervous.

There’s a pause on the other end before the mother urgently tells her to gather the children and leave the house immediately, then call the police.

As it turns out, the family doesn’t have a clown statue. The “statue” is actually a deranged intruder or escaped mental patient dressed as a clown. The family had been unaware of his presence in their home.


  1. Different Figures: While the clown is the most popular figure in this legend, variations include other characters, such as an old doll or a different kind of statue.
  2. Warnings: In some versions, a sibling or a friend might have previously mentioned the clown to the parents, but it was dismissed as a child’s imagination or nightmare.


The exact origins of the Clown Statue legend are unclear, but it taps into the fear many people have of clowns—a phenomenon known as coulrophobia. The story likely gained traction due to the inherent creepiness many associate with clowns.


This urban legend became widely circulated in the early 2000s, especially on internet forums and via email chains. Its premise—a threat lurking unnoticed inside one’s home—is a universal fear, making the tale both terrifying and memorable.

Literary and Cultural Impact:

The Clown Statue legend has inspired numerous adaptations in horror films, TV episodes, and online horror stories. Its lasting impact can be attributed to its effective play on common fears: the unfamiliar intruding upon the familiar and the vulnerability of being alone in a house with a potential threat.

Much like the Vanishing Hitchhiker, The Clown Statue urban legend serves as an eerie reminder of the unknown and the dangers that might be hiding in plain sight.